A pre-implementation analysis

We conduct discussions with the key users of the planned implementation and gather available information about the business processes in the company. We collect issues reported by users and suggestions for optimising the processes. We prepare or supplement business process documentation.

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Preparing the implementation

We develop implementation documents which describe the requirements for the planned solution. Those requirements are formed on the basis of the objectives determined by the management and the key users. The implementation specification describes a system structure which will support the realisation of the objectives. We create an implementation plan.

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The implementation

We manage the implementation of the project. In the first stage we modify the existing means of completing business processes so that the new solutions can be introduced smoothly. Gaps in the business processes are eliminated and data is organised. The second stage involves the configuration and adaptation of the PLM solution, trainings, data migration, and deploying the system in the production environment.

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Workflow Design

We have huge experience in the support of change management processes and release processes, with the aid of Workflow. We offer the development of Workflow processes adapted to the work processes of the enterprise, by means of both ready system components (workflow handlers) and dedicated solutions created with the use of programming in Teamcenter Integration Toolkit (ITK).

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Configuration and customisation

The solution supports business purposes best when it is appropriately adapted to the particular needs of a given organisation. We offer the adaptation of the data model (BMIDE), system functions, and user interface. If necessary, we use advanced system adaptation techniques, employing Java (GUI application) and C/C++ programming languages, as well as the ITK library

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System integration supports the elimination of human errors in the transfer of information and accelerates the realisation of business processes. We offer integration of the Teamcenter environment with the use of both standard and dedicated components. For dedicated components we use of such technologies and components as: T4EA, ITK, or web services.

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"The engineer knows that he has attained perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


About us

We are a consulting firm specialising in the implementation of complete Product Lifecycle Management solutions based on the Teamcenter system of the Siemens company. We have many years of experience in the implementation of PLM solutions and we continuously develop and update our knowledge. Knowledge, experience and orientation towards the client’s needs have the effect that cooperation with us maximises the chance of success of your PLM project and enables your company to obtain the anticipated benefits.

PLM Consulting
Teamcenter customisation

Why work with us?

Selecting an the appropriate partner for the introduction or optimisation of the PLM solution is a great challenge. It is a matter of trust, competence, experience and reasonable costs. We completely understand it, therefore:

  • at the stage of confidence building we offer our services at reduced prices or even free of charge, with regard to the initial consultations,
  • our competences have been developed through several years of work on tens of consulting and implementation projects and we shall be pleased to discuss our experience during a meeting,
  • we are convinced that our wellbeing depends on benefiting our clients – we offer competitive rates for our services and only such solutions as we are convinced shall be useful and valuable for the client
Sławomir Jędrasiak

Sławomir Jędrasiak

CEO & Founder

Has the MSc (IT) diploma from Gdańsk University of Technology and several years of experience in the introduction and sale of PLM solutions. He works closely with a group of independent PLM specialists, with whom, if necessary, he organises a team to support greater projects.

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